Super Shark Stickers

We don't produce just any shark stickers, we make Super Shark Stickers! Why? Because sharks are amazing fearless anti-heroes that have survived for over 400 million years, and they are essential in maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem.

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Nemesis and the Super Sharks

Nemesis and the Super Shark Stickers were created in the spirit of parody, and have sometimes been described as rebellious, wacky and a little weird. In truth, these sharks were purposefully designed to be exaggerated caricatures of the sharks most people dread.  

These whimsical stickers are designed to be light-hearted in order to replace fear with fun. They are meant to portray a sense of humor, adaptability and resiliency. 

Shipping is included on individual orders.

The Super Sharks make us laugh, and we hope they will make you feel good too.  


be. chappell

"Don't be chum!"

I am a former web developer with a fondness for humorous graphic design and cartooning. I love creating weird, offbeat characters and bringing them to life to share with others.

Nemesis and The Super Sharks has been a special project for me.  I knew I wanted the sharks to be fun and different, and that I would need the right artist to help get them out of my head and into the world. I was very pleased when I discovered that Greg Vaughn of Vaughn Arts was just the guy for this ridiculous idea. He completely understood what I meant when I described my sharks as .. ”something-sorta-like Big Daddy Roth would do.

I hope through sales of Nemesis and The Super Sharks, I will be  able to help support programs that enrich research, conservation awareness, and education about these apex predators.

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